the designer

Sarah Wood

19/06/94    |    Auckland, NZ    |    Graphic Designer


SPIEL:   I am a graphic designer + creator of all things visual.  In 2015, I graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Design at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin and have recently made the move to Auckland with the aim of pursuing a career in Graphic Design.  I explored a range of disciplines within my degree but have a particular interest in Graphic Design- branding and advertising, Photography and Film.

APPROACH:   I have a strong love for the outdoors and am constantly inspired by the beautiful country I live in, and in particular my hometown, Queenstown. I aspire to be unique and reflect my adventurous nature throughout my work by taking risks and experimenting. The essence of my work reflects culture, nature and energy, which I have experienced in New Zealand, through travelling and the inspiring people I have met along the way.