Slick Willy’s is a high-end fashion boutique based in Dunedin, mainly selling street-wear targeted at Dunedin students. The client requested a pamphlet, book and a series of posters to promote their clothing, convey their style and decorate the store. Primarily photography based, the designs follow an overruling story of a group of students on a day trip to a quiet place, to escape the mundane life of study. A common theme that features throughout, is the idea of hiding and revealing, which is implemented through tracing paper, and cut outs of shapes and text.



The pamphlet is a small takeaway booklet offered at the counter, which contains editorial photographs and details about each clothing item. The front features a cut out revealing a hint of what is inside, which adheres to the compact form of the booklet, predominantly reflecting a sense of hiding and exposing. The amount of folds in the booklet also implements this idea and once fully opened, the booklet exposes a keepsake poster. 



The book is a poetic and artistic approach to a look book, only to be viewed inside the store to see the clothing in context and be inspired by the relaxed and vibrant nature of the photographs. Particular pages throughout the book have a shape cut out, to reveal the image on the next page, linking back to the theme of escape and the sense that the models are unaware they are being photographed.



The series of three posters convey a moment in time, where the students have been captured in a natural and relaxed manner. A layer of tracing paper features on the front, with Slick Willy’s cut out to expose small parts of the image behind. Wood has been used to hang the poster, to link with the wooden décor inside the store.